Wompreneur teletrabajo trabajo remoto transformación digital coronavirus

You might be amongst the vast majority of people who have started working remotely (either partially or full time) after the pandemic. 

Whether it is due to the pandemic, for your work family balance during school vacation times or to take advantage of a personal trip with work time, you have probably found that at times you would appreciate it if working remotely was easier.

Technology has arrived listening to our thoughts. In the era of customer centricity, a lot of tools designed from our needs are born, from the user experience, offering freemium versions of software tools.

It is about offering a solution for free with certain limitations, but 100% operational, and they offer improvements in usability (or in volume) for when you have already gotten used to its use, which is a lock in method (barrier of output) super effective.

I have listed 10 of the ones that I use the most and I recommend them because they might help you when you have to work. I am of the opinion that without a doubt we can adapt to this way of working that although it cannot cover our activity 100%, we are going to discover in it a lot of advantages that we were unaware of.  Come on!

1) Zoom: Virtual meeting rooms with capacity for up to 100 people

2) Slack: Instant messaging channel that allows sharing by clients, projects;

3) Doodle: It allows agreeing on a date in an agile way and with maximum usability;

4) Calendly: Allow a client to book their appointment based on the availability of your calendar;

5) WeTransfer: To send large files (photos, videos, presentations);

6) Dropbox: To archive and share documents;

7) Canva: To design catalogs or montages, include good photos with rights to use;

8) Loomio: To make decisions without the need to meet;

9) Kahoot: To gamify the talks or conferences;

10) Trello: Super visual tool in kanban format that allows you to see how we are progressing.

¿And You, Do you use any other that you want to recommend?